Residential Care Program (RCP)

HIV/AIDS can have a debilitating impact not only on the individual with infection, but also on the entire family. For people living in poverty, stigma associated with the infection often works as a barrier to education, employment, healthcare, and overall support from the extended family and community. This, in turn, can result into a complete collapse of the family’s coping mechanisms, causing abandonment of the child, irrespective of his/ or her sero-status.

Our Residential Care Program (RCP) was developed in response to such situations in the life of orphaned and vulnerable children. As part of the Program, four Crisis Intervention Centers (CICs) focus on restoring a wholesome childhood to children in crisis. It provides opportunities for their growth and development till they are either reintegrated with their family, or extended family, or start living in group homes or on their own. Till date we have succeeded in reintegrating 255 children who once needed immediate institutional support and care.

"Currently, we have 108 children with us across our four Centers which includes those who are under follow-up and who are being reintegrated in their communities."

The Program focuses on the following aspects, in addition to providing safe and conducive residence to all the children:
  • Counseling and health care

  • Comprehensive education

  • Recreation and sports

  • Future planning and vocational skills building

  • Legal aid in matters of property inheritance disputes, and

  • Reintegration and follow-up of children

One of the salient features of our CICs is that infected and affected children live together. Unfortunately, this is not the case with most of the institutions in the country where the tendency is to segregate children with HIV infection.

Residential Care Program: a brief timeline



You can join in our crusade to restore childhoods by contributing:

Rs 840/child/month for supporting their medical and recreational expenses

Rs. 1500/child/month for their educational expenses

Rs. 3000/child/month for their nutritional expenses

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For RCP-related queries, you may call Mrs. Chhaya Rade, Director Residential Care program, on 022-66881906, or write to her at