A world where every child counts
A world of children living with dignity

Since 1990, CCDT has been actively associated with marginalized communities in the slums of Mumbai and its suburbs. Beginning from our engagement with a self-settled colony of leprosy patients in Borivali, our effort has always been to address deprivation and marginalization of communities and children. Over the years, health and education emerged as the two major domains of our interventions, with a special focus on family and children infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.

In 1995, when interventions were limited to prevention, we recognized the urgency for Home-based Care and were the first one in India to develop a comprehensive Home-based Care program for HIV/AIDS infected/affected families. We were first in the country to make HIV/AIDS prevention and care an integrated community program to include education, livelihood, self-care, nutrition, counseling and psychological support - to minimize the overall vulnerability of the child and the family.


Through our four Crisis Intervention Centers, we seek to share with abandoned, orphaned and most vulnerable children an opportunity to change their lives, from hopelessness to opportunities, and towards healthy growth and development. A complete and inclusive childhood with opportunities to move from crisis to hope is our unwavering commitment to children living with us. Considering that there is hardly any inclusive institutional care center in Maharashtra for HIV positive and negative children without segregation, our work in this field assumes significance.

‘Empower the community, empower the child – empower the child, empower the community’ is the spirit of our Integrated Community Development programs. Inspiring and enabling children, youth, and community members to take responsibility of their community and work with the government bodies is our strategy to realize their entitlements. In the process, we ensure that the next generation became fully aware of their rights and responsibilities as truly productive members of society.


Community action combating hunger , disease and discrimination