In order to be a well-rounded professional, we need to develop social, communication, and interpersonal skills and will aid to improve one’s self-esteem. Most of the time, these are cultivated in individuals through experiences and interactions but they can also be taught.

CCDT’s Home Based Care Program organised a career guidance workshop for young adults between the age of 16-22 years to strengthen their capacities. The Home-Based Care program aims to provide care and support to those families infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. The Program enables their families and children to be self-reliant.

The workshop was facilitated by Education activist, Mr. Mubarak Kapdi. His session consisted of life management and vocational guidance. The workshop covered the themes of self-esteem, communication, decision-making, and how to develop personal and professional lifelong goals.The interactive discussion brought about an experience of growth in social skills among the children who attended.

                                       Session by Mubarak Kapdi

Beginning with the process of decision making to assess their personal and professional capacities and external factors, it prompted the children to think: What do I want to become in the future? Where do I see myself in five years? Discussing these questions, the workshops encouraged the youths to identify future plans, and to be more proactive to achieve their goals.

Mr. Kapdi said, “The selection of a particular stream, affects the choice of a career. The subjects you study in Classes 11 and 12 lay the foundation for your choice of subjects in college”.

The focal point of this workshop was to create awareness among those students in the process of career planning and help them explore the possible career opportunities from various subject streams. The conversation with Mr. Kapdi assisted them to identify higher education options, institutions offering various courses, and the steps needed to prepare themselves to enter the workforce.

Engaged children

The workshop exposed students to opportunities in a range of professional fields from engineering, medicine, law, fashion designing, hotel management to business management, biotechnology, and environmental sciences. It was a dynamic workshop which supported students to identify various career options and appropriate higher education routes.

At the end of the session one of the children expressed his gratitude towards Mr Kapdi and said he would cherish the learnings and apply them in his daily life.

CCDT’s, CEO, Mr. Ninad Phatephekar, thanked Mr. Kapdi and briefly spoke about various professions in the Indian Navy. He explained the process of application and shared his own experience of being a former commander.