30th Birthday Celebration of CCDT

In June 1990, CCDT began its journey to ensure happier and healthier childhood for the marginalized and vulnerable children. At CCDT, we are committed to creating a better tomorrow for children. Three decades ago, CCDT began its extraordinary journey under the able leadership of our founder and chairperson, Mrs. Sara D’ Mello. Along the way, CCDT has left its imprints in the areas of child protection, health and nutrition, and adolescent/youth empowerment by impacting more than 2 million lives from vulnerable and marginalized communities.

Over the last 30 years, we implemented and demonstrated successful and replicable model programs of Child Protection, Health, Nutrition, and Development. We have constantly aligned ourselves with changing global health and development needs. Based on the principles of equality, justice, and child rights, we directed our work towards developing self-reliant individuals to achieve their full potential. Our work has been supported by data-driven outcomes, accountability frameworks, and scientific assessments. We are pleased to be associated with like-minded people and organizations, who supported the ideation, innovation, and implementation of our successful programs year after year.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the milestones in our journey of 30 years.

We are confident and now well-positioned to build on CCDT’s “unique legacy” to contribute to creating a more inclusive, connected, efficient, and sustainable world.

Together we can usher in a new era that is more just, resilient, and inclusive.

Join us in our cause to ensure a #bettertomorrow. Reach out to us on donate@ccdtrust.org or call +91 8976219240.