We congratulate the work and efforts completed by Amics de Mumbai, or Friends of Mumbai, for winning the award for the most liked stall at the 6th edition of the Solidarity Exhibition held at the University Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) in Barcelona.

Amics de Mumbai, is an ardent supporter of CCDT since 2003 working in Barcelona. Amics de Mumbai put up a stall about CCDT as part of the solidarity event at the exhibition. They provided students and visitors at the exhibition an opportunity to understand the various programs and activities of CCDT in India. The response was incredible, and the students expressed their support for CCDT. This was reflected in  Amics de Mumbai receiving the maximum votes for the most liked stall and thus winning the award.

We at CCDT cherish our association with Amics de Mumbai, and deeply value their unwavering support in our endeavour to build a world with ‘a childhood to every child’. We look forward to their continued support, and passion to the cause of children and families for a more empowered community.