Celebrating Self-Reliant HIV Affected/Infected Families
Over 176 families and 108 children affected/infected by HIV/AIDS who benefitted from CCDT’s Home-Based Care program — participated in an event to celebrate their newly acquired ‘self-reliant’ status.Activities were planned in a way that allowed participants to work as a team. The objective was to prepare them for upcoming challenges and to discuss its solutions in advance.  Participants were encouraged to share their experiences, especially coping strategies, and learn from each other.  Beneficiaries used the opportunity to share how they’ve benefitted from CCDT’s HIV/ support group:

“I learned about my HIV status in 1997 and I’ve been associated with CCDT’s HIV program for the past five years. Through the support group meetings, I realized that if I have courage, I can live positively even with HIV. These support groups have been my source of courage, my motivation to fight against stigma and challenges. Over these five years, I have learned not just to survive but also to live fully.”

– HBC, Beneficiary



Sharing experiences and learning from each other

“Today we can celebrate being  self-reliant. We have overcome many challenges, including discrimination, suicidal thoughts and illness – and here we have  learned how to face the challenges of being HIV positive that will surely come in the future.

This ‘family meeting’ has brought us all together and reminded us that we are not alone in our struggle. We’ve heard so many inspiriing stories today, and it gives me hope that I can overcome any challenge in the future. Even my children are here to celebrate today. They have also attended support group sessions and training programs over the last five years, and have built their understanding of how to live positively with HIV.”

– HBC, Beneficiary