“Every act of communication is a miracle of translation.”
-Ken Liu

We have always believed in the power of communication. Our initiatives are anchored by effective communication that connects people, empowers them, and impacts their lives with empathy and love. We are doing everything we can to reach those on the margins and make them heard in our bid to connect them to the mainstream.

As we navigate the next few weeks/months, there will be challenges. We look forward to your continued support in this journey.

Lending Voice To The Unheard

A fragile today…
                                    ..and an uncertain tomorrow
A film on adolescents in vulnerable settings!

While all attention was focused on the unexpected COVID-19 crisis, another story was unfolding…. unnoticed, overlooked by most.  Young girls and boys, already living precarious lives in the slums of Mumbai, never really made it to news headline. So shooting on mobile cameras, in settings that were not technically the best, our staff spoke to young girls, boys, and their mothers. We bring you their stories…

Know Us Better!

Know our story better with our redesigned Website! Experience our all new avatar that captures our key programs through which CCDT has impacted the lives of more than 2 million children and families. Keeping you in mind we have made the CCDT website easily navigable on mobile phones, tablets, and other devices. We have ensured that our website is safer with secure payment gateways. We look forward to you clicking on the link below and experiencing our website first hand.  

Let’s Meet Our Energy Boosters!

Amics de Mumbai (Friends of Mumbai) never fails to bring a smile on our face.

We at CCDT cherish our association with Amics de Mumbai since 2003 and deeply value their unwavering support in our endeavor to build a world with ‘a childhood to every child’.

We and our children were so happy and super excited to see this video. Click on the above photo to experience the love and support we were showered from miles away- Spain.