Shama (name changed) was 4 years and 11 months old at the time of admission to Ashray Center. She was referred by Prerana Organization in August 2012.

Shama’s family comprised of her mother and siblings. Her mother was a victim of Commercial Sexual Exploitation. She turned into an alcoholic and would beg at Kamathipura. There was no one to take care of the children who would live on the streets in a vulnerable situation that was not safe for them. The environment was not at all conducive for their physical and emotional development. Shama’s mother agreed to admit her children in a safe place or organization where they would have access to better health, education and other developmental facilities. Shama along with her sister was admitted to Ashray center and her elder brother was admitted to Aakaar center.

It was observed that Shama did not want to study. She would not listen and her academic performance was gradually dropping. A consultant counselor recommended special classes and Shama was enrolled in these classes conducted by a Special Educator. Simultaneously, Ashray’s social worker conducted activities at the center on a daily basis for two months, to increase her concentration levels. During these sessions, the social worker noted that Shama enjoyed drawing and she was enrolled in drawing classes as well.

Shama has now shown significant improvement in her academic performance. She has started to study on her own and does not have to be reminded to complete her homework.