At age seven, Tina had never seen the inside of a school. Her mother was a commercial sex worker in Kamathipura and Tina’s education, health and welfare were severely neglected. When Tina was registered at CCDT’s Residential Care Center, the program staff went the extra mile to bring her education back on track.  CCDT’s staff provided psychosocial support to Tina as well as enrolled her in Seva Sadan Girls High School in Pune for her education. She completed her education till the 10th Standard in Seva Sadan girls High School and got transferred to CCDT’s Ankur Centre in 2012.  Tina progressed well through school and college and displayed an aptitude for and interest in Interior Design.

Simultaneously, CCDT’s staff followed-up with Tina’s mother, whose health was deteriorating. The staff encouraged her to get tested for HIV, and she tested positive. Soon after, the center staff linked Tina’s mother to a government-run ART centre and provided psychosocial support and counselling to enable her to cope up with her HIV status.   

In 2017, Tina moved out of the Residential Care center and joined her mother in a rented room at Nalasopara. Her mother stopped working as a commercial sex worker and Tina took on an interior design internship.  She contributes to the household expenses as well as takes full responsibility of her mother. She also wants to complete specialisation course in interior design.

Tina’s progress in education and her current career is a wonderful example for other girls at the centre.