“There are many problems in our area but we are afraid to file a complaint to the police as we think it we will get us into trouble,” says a resident of Ganpat Patil Nagar.

With an objective to reach out to the unreached population of Ganpat Patil Nagar, CCDT Childline facilitated a Mass Awareness Program on 27 July 2018. This was in collaboration with Yuva (Childline), Humara Foundation (Childline), and Nav Nirman Samaj Vikas Kendra (Childline). The aim was to spread awareness about the importance of the Child Helpline Number 1098. The Childline team went door to door to inform community members about the existing government services that can help children to live a healthy and safe life.

         Interacting with Community People

Children must be nurtured in a safe and stable environment. The team successfully reached out to 1100 individuals, distributed pamphlets, and discussed social issues such as Child Labour, Child Sexual Abuse, Illegal Adoption, Child Beggary, Addiction, Medical, and Shelter.

House to House Visits

The team interacted with key stakeholders as they are influencers in their communities. The Childline staff went for private tuition classes, Madarsa, Mitra Mandal, and shared information with auto rickshaw drivers and shopkeepers alike.

Interacting with Children in Tuition Classes

The Childline team noticed that the community members found it difficult to trust and so that they do not share their problems or file complains with the police.

However, the team received a positive response from community members after the activities. They were more inclined to talk about the unsafe places in their area, uncomfortable incidents, and asked for help from the Childline team. They mentioned addiction as a problem in the community and the women spoke about the issues and insecurity faced by them at nights.

“Children are naive and so are their parents. They are afraid to raise their voice against eve-teasing or abuse, and with societal pressure they won’t file a complain,” says Childline Team Member.

             Children from the community

The Childline team were happy to know children knew about 1098 Child Helpline Number as they were told in their schools. As a result of the mass outreach, the Childline team received six cases from Ganpat Patil Nagar in the following two days.