Get Involved - Your Contribution can save a Childhood from being lost

Donate so that childhoods are not lost

With our special focus on children orphaned by, and vulnerable to, HIV/AIDS, we reach out to over 11 lacs marginalized people in Mumbai and it suburbs.

We run four centers with over 130 children who have no place to go. We take the responsibility of restoring a complete childhood to them. This includes health care, counseling, nutrition, formal education, career planning, vocational training, and reintegration with family or extended family members.

Donate so that families do not break-up

Through our Home-based Care Program, we ensure that families impacted by HIV/AIDS donot disintegrate. Child labor and increased drop-out rates of children in these families, are not uncommon. Currently we have 538 families on board, trying to rebuild their lives and ensure childhood to their children.

Donate so that communities can live with dignity

Every year hundreds of lives perish under decomposing garbage and the lack of basic necessities in several slum clusters of Mumbai and its suburbs. Through our Integrated Community Development programs, we strengthen people’s capacity to avail of their entitlements and government services. We ensure that dropped out children are back to school. Today we have over 3000 children working with us to improve the lives of their own and their dear ones.

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Committed Communities Development Trust

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Donations are exempted from tax under section 80G of the Income Tax act 1961. FCRA Regn. No. 083780479. We are registered under the Bombay Public Trust Act of 1950 and the FCRA Foreign  Contributary Regulation Act (New Delhi). 


Help us build a home for orphaned and vulnerable children

Every year, hundreds of children lose their parents and near ones to HIV/AIDS. Many of them end up on the streets of Mumbai, forced to embrace a life enmeshed in exploitation, hunger, disease, and violence. Beggary, drugs, sexual exploitation, and petty crimes haunt their childhoods. There is no data on the number of such children in Mumbai or Maharashtra. CCDT’s Residential Care program (RCP) is an attempt to address crises in the life of such orphaned and vulnerable children. The program is implemented through four age and gender-specific Centers: Ashray for boys and girls below 12 years; Aakaar and Ankur for boys and girls above 12 respectively; and Umang, a transit home for boys pursuing college education or vocational training. Across all Centers, children are provided with proper health and nutritional care, psycho-social support, education, sports, recreation, skill-building and career counseling. The aim is not to provide a shelter alone, but to facilitate opportunities for their growth and development till they are either reintegrated with their family, or extended family, or start living as independent adults in group homes or on their own.

In the absence of other government-run Centers which allow HIV/AIDS infected and non-infected children to live together and our resource limitations, we have been able to reach out to only a limited number of children. At any given time, even with our best attempts, we have about 120 children with us. And we are despairingly aware of hundreds of those who are in dire need of care and support. Your contribution can go a long way in helping us make a difference in the lives of more such children.

At present, our Aakaar Center for 30 boys above 12 years of age is located in temporary premises in Khandala. With a looming uncertainty on how long we can continue to use these premises, there is an immediate need to construct a permanent residence for our children. We wish to do so in Badlapur, for 50 boys, for which we earnestly solicit your support.

Your contribution will give them a place to call their own!

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