Urban Health and Nutrition initiatives in high burden districts of Bhiwandi and Malegaon

Case Study

Immunisation is life-saving. This was the message, that Naushin, resident of Nurani Nagar, Malegaon took back to her family, especially to her brother, after the mother’s meet organised by CCDT – UNICEF in her locality.

Her brother had steadfastly refused to immunise his 10-month old son due to various reasons. Nurani, learning from the mother’s meet, convinced her brother about the importance of immunisation, and also how it can benefit his son in having good health. Her own knowledge she got from the meeting, along with her counselling, made her brother change his mind about immunisation.

Now Naushin’s brother, and their neighbours too, follow the immunisation as per schedule with Naushin acting as a strong advocate for immunisation.

Program Outreach and Strategies

  • Bhiwandi and Malegaon districts of Maharashtra
  • Pregnant women, post natal women and children (0-2 years)
  • Linkages for service –
    Antenatal care support – Nutrition, Immunization, micronutrient supplements, Take home
    ration of PDS, psycho-social health, institutional delivery and special care of high-risk cases
    Postnatal care – Optimal breast feeding, low birth weight baby care, child immunization
    and nutrition till 2 years of age, family planning and follow up of high-risk cases
  • Enabling environment – creating support system through engagement of different
    stakeholders in community as well as at the facility for improved linkages
  • Communication – Correct and effective message delivery in the community through IEC
    material and different communication methods.
  • Strengthing service providers’ capacities to provide quality and people centered services

Project Impact

Children Immunised

children immunised
children immunised

BRIGHT START PROJECT: Heathy Breakfast and Good Hygiene Practices for Nutrition in Children

Case Study

Shakuntala, a homemaker and a tuition teacher went on telling how her child never had milk and breakfast regularly. She believed that cooking a good breakfast every day was time-consuming and she was afraid that her child might not even like the taste of it.

With Bright Start’s intervention, Shakuntala’s myths were busted. The team introduced her to the concept of ‘Fairy Breakfast’, made her a breakfast calendar, and developed a good strategy for a nutritious breakfast.

Breakfast has now been normalized and regularised in Shakuntala’s house which has, in turn, led to improving the health and energy levels of her child.

Shakuntala prepared a similar nutrition calendar for her tuition students and she continues to inspire them to have a healthy and regular breakfast for improved physical and mental health.

 Focus areas of the program:

  • Increase in knowledge and understanding about locally available healthy food and importance of healthy breakfast among the children and caregivers.
  • Imparting knowledge of hygiene practices among the children and caregivers.


Program outreach and strategies:

-Geographical location: Dharavi, Mumbai

-Audience: Children between the age group of (3-6) years from 1500 families


  • Introduced quick and simple ways to prepare nutritious meal.
  • Improved understanding of eating breakfast everyday
  • Improved knowledge of a nutritious meal.
  • Improved understanding of how a daily breakfast habit helps in improving children’s focus, attention, and memory which are important for their mental health.


Our Partner:

The Sesame Workshop Trust

Program Impact

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