With effect from 1st September 2023 the CHILDLINE operations will be handed over to the District Administration.

Highlights of the Community Based Program with the National Emergency Helpline of Childline India Foundation- 1098 (Rescue, Restore, Rehabilitate and Reintegrate) Safeguarding the rights of vulnerable children in need of care and protection

Case Study:

Yash, a 13-year-old from Mumbai was forced to drop out of school and repeatedly run away from his home due to the sexual abuse he was facing at the hands of some men from his neighbourhood. His parents, as narrated by Yash, were aware of the problem, but were unable to take any action.

Yash was found by the CCDT Childline staff at CSTM station, Mumbai and was brought to the Childline kiosk for counselling. The counsellor very skilfully, using games, gained his confidence and that was when Yash confided to the counsellor about the sexual abuse that he had been facing.

With help from the Mumbai Police, the Childline staff were able to find Yash’s family and convinced his parents to take action against those men from the community who had abused Yash. The Childline team submitted a letter to the GRP for further procedures. A zero FIR was lodged under the IPC, Section 377 and the POCSO Act, Sections 4,8 and 12.

As of today, the offenders have been arrested and serving their term in jail. Yash has been integrated with
his family and is being counselled regularly.

Program Outreach & Strategy

  • City Childline of Childline India Foundation (1098)
  • Railway Childline
  • Focused on children from 2- 12 years and adolescents from 13 – 18 years
  •  Care and protection through Rescue, Restore, Rehabilitate and Reintegrate operations
  •  Medical Care, Counselling, Providing Open Shelter, Case Follow-up with Child Welfare Committee (CWC), Railway Police Force and Government Hospitals
  • Awareness and Sensitisation of general public

Program Impact

Railway and City Childline

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