Youth Empowerment- Social and economic empowerment of youth from marginalized communities to become leaders of change


I can deal smartly with people in my daily routine with a smile on my face. CCDT’s Saksham is always ready to support us before and even after we get the jobs. I have always wanted to become a public speaker and now I am building that skill to become one. This programme has helped me a lot to work on my skills. I have also understood through this programme that Education is not only to earn money but is also required to become a good person who works for the society. I am also conserving the environment by saving water at least in my capacity, at my home. We all should do our bit.


–Sayyed Awais 18 years, Completed HSC

Focuses on two key areas of programing

Program Outreach and Strategies

Economic empowerment through job oriented vocational skills

  • Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Bangalore & Noida
  • For marginalized young girls and boys in the ages of 18 to 29 years living in poor and disadvantaged communities
  • Comprehensive course includes Customer Relations and Sales (CRS); Retail Management, Digital Marketing, Web Programming, Web and Graphics Designing, Business Accounting and Nursing Assistance.
  • 65% youth placed on completion, out of which 60% are girls.
  • Inclusion of workplace communication, components of financial literacy, and life skills
  • Enhance employability
  • Increase opportunities of skill building

Project Impact

Certification Badge Sep 2023-2024

CCDT is proud to be India’s Best Place To Work 2023, which is recognised by Great Place To Work (India)