Maternal Child Health and Nutrition

Highlights of Community Based Maternal Child Health & Nutrition Program - Nutrition ensures healthy mind and body. This program connects and empowers the community to access, available and affordable health services

Program Outreach and Strategy

Four ongoing programs:

Health & Nutrition

mMitra Programme for pregnant women & lactating mothers

Health and Nutrition for Tribals

Urban Health and Nutrition Initiatives

Home Based Care Programme for HIV/AIDS affected Families

SURAKSHA Project for Pregnant women, Lactating mothers and Children in the age group of 0 to 2 years.

Free mobile voice call service with timed and targeted preventive care information In any chosen language Identification followed by intense intervention with high risk pregnant women

Community mobilisation, engagement and capacity building,Demand generation for services, Strengthening delivery mechanisms, Developing, capacity building and sustaining Mata Samitis, Hope On Wheels,Mobile Nutrition Clinic

Increasing access to Govt. Services, Creating demand among the population, Advocacy for improvement in service delivery

Support of nutrition, medical, counselling, education, legal and social entitlements to families Ensure that families, stay together and children are protected in HIV/AIDS affected families

To improve the health seeking behaviour of mothers and community members in high-burden districts as well as build their capacity to access and generate demand for health allied services.

Individual Reached Across Health & Nutrition Programme of CCDT

health and butrition

Health and Nutrition for Marginalized Tribal Communities

Enhancing the health and nutrition status..
leverage technology

Leveraging Technology

Leveraging technology to transform lives – Project mMitra
urban health

Urban Health and Nutrition initiatives

Urban Health and Nutrition Initiatives
home care

Home Based Care Programme

Home based care Programme to strengthen and mitigate the impact of HIV/AIDS on Families
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