Encouraging the bond between siblings who reside at CCDT’s Crisis Intervention Centers is a critical component of eventually reintegrating them into society and building a support network that sustains them through their adulthood. To nurture this sibling bond, CCDT conducted a workshop for all those children who had siblings residing within its four centers.
Setting the context and ensuring that participants understood the purpose of the workshop, staff members emphasized how our siblings become our strongest support system as we age, and the importance of looking after them and maintaining those relationships. “Mann ka rishta hone ke liye…” – Workshop Facilitator Siblings formed groups and participated in several activities that were designed to enable them to better know and understand each other. They were then asked to introduce each other to the larger group and share unique aspects of their siblings that others weren’t aware of. The activities enabled siblings to learn about each other’s hobbies, interests, favourite subjects and best friends.
On account of a government policy that prohibits girls and boys to reside in the same center together once they hit puberty—most siblings live in separate centers and don’t have an opportunity to meet each other very often. These activities were designed therefore to give siblings an chance to spend time getting to know each other. “We need to have more sessions like this, so that we are able to chat and share things with each other.” – Participant
The workshop concluded with a feedback session that allowed participants to share how future workshops could be better planned and what they would like included in such workshops.