“A home is where the heart is …,” says Sara D’mello Managing Trustee and Founder of CCDT.

For twenty-three long years, Ashray has been a home to children in crisis, that are orphaned and/or vulnerable. These are children who are either orphaned or from single parent families impacted by HIV/AIDS that are not in a position to take care of them. Ashray is one of the centers within CCDT’s Residential Care Program that aims to restore a wholesome childhood to children through health and nutritional care, psycho-social support, education, sports, recreation, family life values, and personality development.

Since 1995, the program has reached out to over 540 children across its centers opening up a window of possibilities for them. By providing not just a shelter, the Residential Care Program provides protection to children as well as care, support and nurturing for their overall growth and development. Children are provided an enabling environment that helps them to develop as responsible, proactive and independent individuals. Going further all the children are supported until they are 21 years of age or either reintegrated with their families, or extended family, or start living on their own. Thus, the children eventually reclaim their rightful place in the community.

To celebrate this journey of togetherness on November 1, every year the children with the same enthusiasm celebrate the ‘birth-day’ of Ashray with CCDT staff and donors.This year in 2018, the Ashray staff narrated the journey of Ashray since its inception in 1995. Various recreational activities and games were organised for  children. Staff as well as children performed skits and dances. The children celebrated their journey of how the program forever changed their lives.

Here’s a snapshot of the fun activities at Ashray to celebrate twenty-three years of happiness!