Reynold Washington
Technical Advisor, Health Systems And Services
KHPT is happy to have identified and worked in close partnership with Committed Communities Development Trust (CCDT) in Mumbai. CCDT’s work with marginalized children, their families and the communities in which they reside, has taught us many lessons. The passion, commitment, sincerity and love for children and adolescents, especially those living with HIV or impacted by the disease, is evident in their outreach, interaction, skills building and empowerment. We are confident that this work has enabled many of these children regain their childhood; to be transformed into self-reliant, self-dependent and responsible adults. Their work is rewarded by the recognition of Government and philanthropists who reach out to CCDT whenever a child is in need. Their interventions, experience and expertise in the work with children stands apart and makes their models of ‘Home Based Care’ and ‘Residential Care’ worth replicating at a state, national and global level.