Urban Nutrition Initiative (UNI) organised an event to felicitate Star Mothers (mothers of children with acute malnutrition) who have taken responsibility for their child’s growth. The objective of organising this event was to reinforce best practices adopted and efforts taken by mothers of children with acute malnutrition. These women worked hard to take their child out of malnutrition,  and with great success moved one step closer towards a healthy lifestyle for their babies. To honour these mothers, the UNI staff members, along with Anganwadi workers presented a trophy to appreciate all the wonderful ladies for their commendable dedication. 

Severe acute malnutrition (SAM) is the most extreme and visible form of undernutrition. At UNI children with severe acute malnutrition are referred to NRC (Nutrition Rehabilitation Center). Community organisers would take their measurements on a regular basis, and follow-up on their diet and immunisation schedule. 

“My child was very weak and I had no clue how to take care of her. I didn’t know what and how to feed my child. Thanks to Tai for her valuable guidance, she told me about the importance of breastfeeding and complementary feeding. Tai accompanied me to NRC for the treatment and after the course, my child’s health improved dramatically.  I am happy to share that as I follow the nutritious diet chart I can see my child growing day by day,”- Mother of a SAM child.

The event started with the screening of the UNI film, Early Moments Matter. This was followed by mothers, whose children were severely malnourished, sharing their journey on the changes they made to create a healthy routine and lifestyle for their kids. 

Parents need constant support and motivation to adopt good practices such as hand washing, hygiene at home, timely weighing, and immunisation of children. Such practices result in healthy changes which get reflected in a child’s overall growth. To encourage these habits community organisers demonstrated hand washing techniques, and spoke about the food groups.  

The event ended with a walk-through of the poster exhibition. This reinforced the importance of antenatal-postnatal care, healthy diets, and immunisation schedules for infants.

“The constant efforts showed by Tai and the Anganwadi worker during their home visits helped to increase the weight of my grandchildren. They shared information about the nutritious diet  and regular check-ups.  I am thankful to both of them for their support” -Grandfather of SAM children.