Summer camp is a special activity where kids come together to have fun. Here, children develop a sense of independence as they try new adventures.

The Child Protection Team planned a seven-day camp where children came to the CRC center and spent their time making posters, writing stories, performing puppet shows, and using waste materials had arts and craft activities. The medium was an infotainment for all children who were getting bored at home.

“Most of the children went to their native places but for those who couldn’t go they were unable to play and enjoy the ground in the sunny weather.  So we planned a summer camp for all those children who were at home,” says Prajacta CRC Coordinator.

The first day started with a talent show where children promoted Rights to Education as a Bollywood film. The challenge was to deliver dialogues like- “Padhai mera adhikhar hai” (I have a right to education), “Baccho se kaam karana gunaah hai” (Child labour is illegal), and “Suraksha humara haq hai” (We have a right to protection).

On the second day the children had a writing activity to practice handwriting which encouraged academic experience.

Hand Writing Competition

The objective of this camp was to provide a safe environment for children to gain self-confidence as they learn new skills.

On the third day, children were asked to make arts and crafts using waste material. The activity was challenging for children but their enthusiasm to make something productive lead to a fulfilling learning experience.

Best out of Waste

The next day the children created a puppet show on cleanliness. This session helped them engage with each other, and understand the importance of hygiene.

Puppet Show

Summer camp is a place where children develop a variety of social skills, such as communication and conflict resolution.

On the fifth day the children watched “Life of Pi,” a survival drama film. The film was screened for the children to understand having a plan is essential, not optional, not to give up, and keep moving.

Movie screening

The following day children went for a Fun and Fair activity. They cycled, skipped and practiced the hula hoop.

Fun & Fair

On the last day of their summer camp, children made posters on the theme of “Save Me’.

Poster Making Competition

The seven days ended with a big smile on children’s faces.