The year 2020 has been hard on most of us. We struggled, adopted the new ways, supported each other and sailed through it. We would like to take a moment to thank everyone who supported our community and goals. We think, it would only be fair to say that we wouldn’t have made it without you.


Since our inception, CCDT has been in a committed service with the community, for the community and by the community. There was a global crisis, this year but it was the community and its resilience that helped us to address the most adverse situations and continue our support when it was needed the most.


Reaching out to people following the pandemic protocol was one of the major challenges, our stakeholders joined hands with us, smoothing the path towards reaching the unreached during this unprecedented time.


This year, very fortunately, we had significant participation from volunteers. We would like to take this opportunity to extend our gratitude to everyone who volunteered with us. We acknowledge and appreciate their efforts and thoughts that were directed towards the betterment of the community.


It would be very appropriate for us to say that as an NGO, we truly believe in the power of our donor partners and supporters. Therefore, we sincerely wish to thank each of you for your generous donations and continued support.


And last, but not the least, we wish to thank our team members for engaging with our beneficiaries 24/7.  We are inspired by the deep commitment of our team members to sustain our efforts across locations. They worked hard to ensure that our beneficiaries are protected and safe.   There were several challenges thrown to us, but our team members remained committed and very often went out of their way to secure that is best for the community. They stood by us like pillars and we cannot thank them enough for their constant support.

As we welcome the new year 2021, CCDT wishes to thank everyone who believed and stood by us to navigate the challenges of the last year.

We look forward to your continued support in the years to come.

Join us in our cause to ensure a happier and better tomorrow. Reach out to us on or call +91 9560545795.