“When we change the way we communicate, we change society.”
-Clay Shirky

For the last 3 decades, CCDT has been working tirelessly to make the world a better place for children as we understand that children are the future and youth are the backbone of a society. In the last few months, we have evolved and developed innovative ways of communicating with adolescents/young people.


Hearing is one of the most effective tools of communication, especially with children. To put it to use, for the children in our Care homes, we have developed multi-lingual, bed-time stories in the form of audio books that essentially encourage good behavior and morals. They love to hear and absorb the stories being narrated as a part of their bed-time routine.


We participated in Let’s Read Campaign, an initiative by United Way. As a part of the campaign, we set up mini libraries for our children with books from preferred languages, and conducted reading sessions to promote quality reading habits.


Adolescence is a sensitive age when children experience a new world and very many challenges. Hence, to cater to this, we have developed information, education and communication material in the form of booklets, posters, videos and easy illustrations that we can show to them along with their families in the community. Our IEC material addresses some of the most common issues like psychosocial, physical and mental health.

The materials were developed involving adolescents and young people to make it culturally, contextually and adolescent/young people friendly. We are working every day to improve the effectiveness of our communication as we think that effective communication will bring in desired changes.

Join us in our cause to ensure a happier and better tomorrow. Reach out to us on donate@ccdtrust.org or call +91 9560545795.