‘There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.’-Margaret J. Wheatley

The last few months have been extremely challenging for everyone around the globe. While the world was progressing and developing, everything came to a halt, as an impact of the Pandemic. Despite the disruptions, all through these months, we have been working with the community, closely. Together, we have been discovering our weaknesses and strengths, and with the right support of our staff and stakeholders, we have been working towards overcoming the obstacles in the way of inclusive development. 

We would like to share how we have been engaged with the community, for the community.

Consistent COVID-19 Response

CCDT has been involved with ration and hygiene kit distribution as a response to COVID-19 impact on the marginalized community, for all these months and we continue to extend our support and services by all means.

In the month of September, an intensive COVID-19 relief distribution activity was organized by CCDT with Plan India and Barclays to support 4658 marginalized families.

Innovative Ways Of Engagement With Children

To sublimate the harsh impact of the Pandemic on the young minds, we have been engaging with the children at our Residential Care Program Centers in innovative ways.

Dinostaury organized a unique and energetic storytelling activity combined with yoga and meditation, virtually at Ashray. The imagery of different animals was used to depict various yoga postures, followed by practicing the poses and understanding the benefit of each posture for a healthy body and mind. It was overall a fun session with a good take away for the children conducted by Ms. Payal Dhamani and Ms. Akshata from Dinostaury.

Effective & Efficient Team Work

In partnership with Childline India Foundation, CCDT has been operating in 8 tehsils of Palghar district. Several cases of child marriages, abuse, trafficking and beggary have been reported, to which, our team has been actively and effectively reaching out. With the help of Child Welfare Committee and Rescue Foundation Homes, we have been extending emotional and counseling support to the ones in need.

Effective Poshan Maah- Participation

CCDT’s Hope on Wheels team and Childline team participated in the Poshan Maah, which is celebrated in the month of September, every year. Due to the COVID-19 impact, a very small gathering of 32 people was organized, including pregnant women and lactating mothers, ICDS teachers and their supervisors to discuss the importance of nutrition and impact of malnutrition among children.

Nutrition demonstrations were conducted. And discussions about healthy practices that are important during pregnancy and post pregnancy about consuming nutritious diet, regular ANC check-ups, importance of breastfeeding and immunization for development of the new-born were conducted.

Awareness Drives

To facilitate intervention in the community with regards to spreading awareness about healthy practices for pregnant women and lactating mothers and immunization for the new-born, Suraksha Project was launched last month, in Bhiwandi and Malegaon. This initiative is supported by Cognizant Foundation.

For the last two months, the team has been registering pregnant women and lactating mothers, mapping the areas for identification of high-risk families, making home visits, and extending support to them.

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